Our strong point is the production of special pallets, which we have been delivering all over Germany and other Western European countries for many years. At your request, we are ready to provide you with the best prices for pallets or other products you need, on a one-time or regular basis.

product 0

All kinds of pallets, including lids and legs of coniferous and deciduous wood.

product 1

Any wood products: crates, wedges, coils, etc.

product 2

Milling, chamfering, corner sawing, notching, etc.

product 3

Drying wood and processing with all standards.

W-20 disposable pallet
980 x 980
Y-93 round pallet
1200 x 1200
F-15 disposable pallet
800 x 600
T-99 disposable pallet
1016 x 1219
1600 x 1200
B-50 disposable pallet
1250 x 900